It is our Mother to all, the only Revelation worthy of Faith, the Gospel of the Life.

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That I love you Nature, that I love you at the pure state
Preserved from the human will
Far from their dark intentions
You are for me the only divine revelation in a pure state

I specify my thought here, by the following postulate:
If there exist one or more divinities at the origin of the universe, it is the only undeniable, continuous and personal Revelation.

Nature is an open book which tells us our history, the history of our ancestors, the history of all forms of life, the mineral history… Our Earth-mother tells us how it gave the life and how the life developed, from the ocean floor to the top of the mountains.

“Nature is a temple where alive pillars
Sometimes let leave confused words;
The man passes there through forests of symbols
Who observe it with familiar glances.”
Charles Baudelaire
Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of  Evil) (1869), Correspondences

In my opinion, it is a question of living in harmony with Nature.

Also I like to wander in the forests and particularly when it is wild, which is hardly founded than in isolated regions and in some corners of mountain.

Page towards those which can listen to the voice of Gaïa.

Lessons of Gaïa

The beauty of Nature it is also its diversity: color, size, force, lifespan: nothing similar. 
Nature creates differences: she did not want anything to be identical: two snowflakes do not have the same structure, and yet there is billion."No Two Snowflakes the Same" Likely True, Research Reveals
Nature creates inequalities: in an apple tree (traditional) no apple has the same size that the other, all depends on its site in the tree; in a pack of wolf, there is a wolf dominating which will be the chief of the pack; the human ones will not have exactly the same capacities according to their race and within the same race one will find dwarves and giants, the very intelligent ones and the very stupid ones.

The total equality would not be even obtained by interbreeding, only by cloning, that of which dream the exaggerated ones of universalization.

“Civilizations are the image of the alive territories in which they plunge their roots: various. This cultural diversity is threatened like biological diversity, because certain civilizations, convinced of their superiority, claim to occupy all space while declaring their universal values (...) the attachment at a community identified by its speech, its traditions, its know-how, its history, the love of a territory which expresses, by its landscapes, the heart of this community, is a fundamental dimension of the human person. The uprooting is a drama, a psychological source of destabilization and existential difficulties. The first basic right of the person is to have an identity and this one merges with that of the human group to which one belongs” Antoine Waechter (Dessine-moi une planète)(to me a planet Draws).

But for the first time in the history of humanity, a generation delivered to her children a world worse than that which she had inherited.

 “One can wonder whether humanity has advantage to know the secrets of nature, if it is ripe to benefit from it or if this knowledge is not harmful.”
Pierre Curie

Il est plus que jamais urgent de défendre le capital santé que représente la Nature qui nous entoure, je pense plus particulièrement à mes frères les animaux en voie de disparition que l’on chasse trop souvent à tort et à travers, à mes frères les arbres que l’on brûle et coupe presque toujours sans discernement.

It is more than ever urgent to defend the capital health which represents Nature that surrounds us, I more particularly think of my brothers the animals in process of disappearance that one drives out too often wrongly and through, with my brothers the trees which one almost always burns and cuts without discernment.

An old proverb is more than ever of topicality: “Science without conscience is no more than ruin of  soul” said François Rabelais… but if in the 16th century the absence of conscience only cause the ruin of human as it was the case at the time of the wars of religion which followed, nowadays the risk of ruin extended to whole planet, with all the living beings…  I propose to you in echo an aphorism
“Sciences without philosophy ruin humanity, undermine biodiversity and destroy ecosystem”.

"The famous balance of nature is the most extraordinary of all cybernetic systems. Left to itself, it is always self-regulated." - Joseph Wood Krutch (1893-1970), Saturday Review, June 8, 1963

But there is worse than the absence of philosophy: individuals'will of domination in the grip of a cynical, inhuman and sordid selfishness, generally in charge of the central banks and multinationals and supported by large accomplice shareholders. As example: the European central bank and the Monsanto multinational. It is also the case of the bodies of globalization like OMC, the IMF and the World Bank which claim to want to come to assistance of the poor countries but which in the facts impose an ultra-liberal speculative capitalist globalization. Speculative capitalism, like Communism, will never have “human face” but at best a mask to hide its monstrosity. I specify “speculative” because the capitalism of investment, him, is legitimate.

On en arrive à penser que :

 “En permettant l'homme, la nature a commis beaucoup plus qu'une erreur de calcul: un attentat contre elle-même.”
Emil Michel Cioran

Pourtant l'homme est un mâle nécessaire dirait la femme :-)) et mâlheureusement il ne voit pas plus loin que le bout de sa queue.
Au travers de l'espèce humaine Gaïa expérimente le libre arbitre mais l'homme en fait trop souvent mauvais usage.

One manages from there to think that:
 “By allowing the man, nature made much more than one miscalculation: an attack against itself.”
Emil Michel Cioran
Disadvantage of being born (1973) ( De l'inconvénient d'être né)

The belief that man can manage the Earth and improve on Nature is the ultimate expression of his conceit, man who has delusions of grandeur, then become a vermine (although a vermine may be a useful parasite) .
"We cannot command nature except by obeying her." –-Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

However the man is a male (bad) necessary would say the woman: -)) and unfortunatly he further does not see that the end of his noze.
Through the mankind Gaïa tries out the free will but the man makes too often bad use of it.

ça serait risible si des crimes n'étaient pas en train d'être commis

Attention ! certaines images peuvent choquer par leur violence.

Principales sources du mal :

la volonté de domination des dirigeants des banques centrales

la volonté de domination
des  multinationales

that would be laughable so crimes were not being made

Caution! some picks can shock by their violence.

Principal sources of the evil:

The will of domination of leaders of the central banks

The will of domination of multinationals

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