Bannière Amour, Nature et Poésie

rose carmin
Without love life
is not worth the sorrow to live.
To love and
to be loved are the aim of any life.
rose au rosier Nature is our future.
The Earth-Mother, Gaïa,
Is the past, the present and the future of our lives

herzliches Willkommen

bienvenue en russe

rosier Poetry
Music of the words
Leave our hearts
Like songs of birds
And corollas of flowers
Around this life
Whether it is sun or rain.


Does Life have a meaning and what should we do with our senses ? You are invited to discover beyond the texts, photographs and art works, the philosophy who animates and structures the unit. It is the philosophy as an handy guide who allows us to overcome misfortunes of the existence and to appreciate small happinesses of them. Philosophy as a dynamics of life to save what still may be saved of our Mother to all : nature.

Here-at this site is voluntarily heteroclite, you will find a little of everything, some subjects here which hold me with heart are deepened, others will perhaps require your opinion and even your contribution. The purpose of this site is to approach the broad topics of life with a will of complementarity and synthesis, you will be able according to your tastes and colors to discover visions and works in the fields of art and thought.

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