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My first blog lodged by Jubiiblog (Lycos) which closed in February 2009.
I restored it here practically with the identical one.

Cape in north
My second blog
Great Love
One night of memories
From one world to another
Words to say it
And the Verb was made Sandrine
To divide
Let us make a pact
Love where are you?
Environment and Democracy in danger
The hydre of the injustice
My wishes for 2006
Cold coldnesses cold hard
From where I come

My, Jan 26, 2009 17:39: 44
Quite naturally…

All our wishes! Cordially, poultries of the low court…

Wed, Sep 24, 2008 16:09: 40
Cape in North

Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:52: 14

My, 25 Feb 2008 11:58: 29
my second blog

For practical reasons I opened a second blog: it has vocation to treat davantages subjects: philosophy, arts, policy, spiritualities, discs of collection.
I will continue with poster of the tickets on this one on the poetic and ecological subjects.
I hope that you will find there what to seek you, cordially,

Wed, 20 Feb 2008 12:13: 54
Great Love

There exists because I met it,
this generous heart with the well-read man spirit
this woman with the loving eyes
and with the hands carressantes
who my life sublimating
of its enchanting life.

Very with changed October at February
A long way towards maturity
Now we have our lives frays
From now on we have our dependent destinies.

[I] In the image the enigma, but which can find it?

My, 07 May 2007 22:20: 47
One night of memories…

That I have memories of them! They return and attack me in my moments of lonelinesses…
The best memories are those which make suffer… then sometimes I taste…
I re-examine them, I hear them, I feel their presence with deepest of me… and I awake in tears…

It is environment blue of my first nights, they are all the colors of the dream of night,
in the dream the night varies light blue with the overseas, from here from there of pale gleams light tinted beings of gray.
Environment is oppressive and variable time.

Strange impressions, printed in my memory like the wounds with the bark of the trees.

Sun, 29 Apr 2007 16:48: 01
From one world to another

Image: Tunnel of light between two worlds

The Great Mystery

I found where it is
It is everywhere
Around us
I met it
In mythical region
She very told me
Its sorrow and its tears
Counted time
And all its alarms.
Flowers of the songs
Lovesongs of antan
With the broken stem
O too butinés hearts
Abused hearts
O scorned lives
Who seek comfort
With the shelter of the ports
To forget storms
To have fun the festival
Fire of all wood
So that the love is

Sun, 29 Apr 2007 16:34: 00
Words to say it

To say

Yes, but words to say it
a passport to vomit them
images which break the dreams of the life
silences which flee the night days before.

Something which nauseates
or worse somebody still?
What have you to be agitated
so extremely, my poor body?

The visions are fears
that you want to forget,
it will have to be folded there,
your past did not die.

I do not find the words
they from go away like mirages.
They all are fallen in water
when I left the shore.

(C) Remi-angel, all rights reserved

Sun, 15 Apr 2007 23:40: 10
And the Verb was made Sandrine

Open letter in and for France
Hello, I wish to diffuse a letter in and for France. For that I need a maximum of media one line and presses. I transmitted it to the twelve candidates with the presidential ones, I do not have any answer and my ongoing situation of going from evil in worse. Help me please…. That this letter grows bigger in a torrential river of words, that France is expressed finally and denounced the abuses the administrations. L is hungry is not that in the street, the end is in the abolition of dignity. I am at the end….

The insecurity does not sit only in suburbs, it also reigns in the French hearths….

I write the rage with the belly one month before the presidential ones. Where are French? Who are they these inhabitants with the glaucous eyes and the robotized practices? In subjacent fear to see their small world collapsing with the first fate, lends to emerge, but it is necessary to know… To know how to work and pay its taxes, that is nothing! It is necessary to buy, sink, to embrace the appropriations, and to make some, to do of it always more it is so easy… Children also should be made, but at least two because only one does not eat, unless the parents do not divorce… one should not gain “too much” money, not to exceed a certain threshold, not, since that by boring all the ceilings French is not entitled to nothing. It is necessary for all to carry out its small quiet life and to request the sky that the disease does not intervene. The disease let us speak, a stop disease because while working one does not put oneself well off this plague. Then, one picking with the passage a cancer, and then for the other one grappille of the operational after-effects, here is for a couple. The result is the following, the stop disease! As well solutions are proposed to you as your head staggers, but you made all, the steps, the courbettes, waitings, dignity little by little takes again his freedom with the contempt of the assistances which you ask who do not work any more. Then, you write with the Presidency, and there it is affirmed you that there are solutions. It is true, you are convened again with these same appointments and of the solutions to the distance appear. The allowance office family receives your file and after fifteen days of reflexion a white sheet with a number of allocatee announcing returns that your resources are too high. No signature, just at the foot of the page, “Your allowance office family. ” Then you counteract by an email, in state of emergency, you receive an email of” your technician-council” which writes to you: “I can only assure you” [sic] ANPE asks you for one CV by email, you send it, you receive the same day with knowing on March 26 a message responder “in congeé of the 05.03.07 to the 12.03.07 included” [sic] You count then on other organizations, a precaution for example, but which administration or organization thus has promptitude when itself, is not applicant. The social assistance, sympathetic nerve, diplomat, propose solutions to you as long as it is despairing. “Do you Have debts”? “Of the appropriations”? Not, we never lived beyond our means. “Damage, in your case they would have been taken causes some and would have been paid” And then the magic sentence, “you live in a too high apartment for your current resources, you will not be able to pay your rent, but… you do not have right either to a HLM your resources remain too high and then three years ago of waiting. You do not have either any more the resource to move, the price of the hirings, the guarantee… Which is the solution, since we are in disease, have only one child, cannot pay our rent more? There is nothing! To finish, I receive there is three days a mail of CPAM informing me of the stop of my daily allowances in August since I will have reached the three years threshold of disease. But I took again my employment however several months meanwhile, that does not count. One borrows money from the close relations, the banks do not lend when one does not have money. Without money the taking away are refused and for four errors of the CPAM which blocks the payments the bank charges are enormous, but there either nothing is said. It is necessary for me thus to pass by the occupational medicine for an inaptitude to my work station, to wait fifteen days that my employer thinks of a possible place to replace the preceding one, then the occupational medicine, determines during fifteen days if the answer of my employer is correct. After which my employer in one month to pour me my dismissal indemnities, like that of my seniority, and lasting this time there NOTHING! Thus, I put myself the following question. We are certainly not the only ones with being in this case, and yet nothing moves, these French who has the tear with the eye when they look at an emission of tele reality, these French deadened which are agitated for football, these French faint in front of a beautiful story of love where thus they have put their values, their direction of responsibility, their honor! These French who doesn't speak even French any more, and who practises the ostrich policy, because after all, that is what one can do? Under these conditions, yes let us shorten, the vocabulary, shorten the awakenings, forget that there is not only in the adjoining countries that there are enormous things, and then in the high-speed motorboat the Children of Don Quichotte in December let us not speak about it either any more, undoubtedly they all are rehoused since they are not any more under the full glare of the medias. The rage with the belly, but anything else, that a country which will die out if its own people do not react, a country which becomes so deeply despairing that it will destroy all these French who believed in their country and raised their pride to the smile of their face, a so sad country and if involved in debt that never nothing will be able to leave there any more, and if the fact of having twelve candidates with presidential must give a bit of hope to all French, if these men and these women who shelters under the pasted speeches of all these candidates want to believe in it that they become aware as of now that, France has need for citizens interdependent, courageous, who dare to express themselves for the good of their country, which does not disavow their own language to adopt those of our teenagers and that they owe as of now defending their rights, their lives, their country, against the state of hypnosis which seizes France and will leave it inert. Sandrine Féraud
on Saturday April 7, 2007 with 10:44

To leave until the end….

I wanted a river torrential of words,
To play the girl of the air with a rucksack,
Without congédier for as much a book, a pen,
I imagined a letter speaking about truth,
Posed on the fabric or on paper,
I heard the echo ooze of the inequalities,
Sourdre the gigantic one running,
Letting spout out the impossible to circumvent one grondement.
The rumour was to be without precedent,
The man took again his values of antan,
The words took form ran in harmony
Everywhere of the consciences rose in a cry,
Some rare human dared brooks,
Some did not sign, others under pseudo,
I will only leave at the end of my convictions,
I will fight against dignity in his dissolution,
With the contempt of some, I will climb the steps,
That since months I digest in step,
I finished some accepting the new day,
The hope was gone from there with my last evils,
Too much engraves, no word will not appear in the newspapers,
To muzzle solidarity, equality zero,
For those which were there, I draw my hat,
From now on for and thanks to them I will sign Sandrine Féraud.

Sun, 15 Apr 2007 21:30: 15
To divide

To share one moment with an unknown
To drink glass with a buddy
To share a meal with a friend
To offer a shelter to a SDF
To attack the loneliness of its neighbor
To be caught some with the distress which one crosses
To fight against the injustice which kills weakest.

There will remain to me always glass which we will drink together, glass of the friendship, glass of the love, glass of the blood poured in the combat of right.
Every day the ground drinks the blood of innocent and gives again it to us in that of the vine.
Not it is not fate, it is only the cowardice which lets make and nothing says.
Then it is time for me to leave the word to a friend who returns in open fight against the indifference, supports injustice.

But before I leave you a poem which I wrote to remember desperate it that I met in the subway,
it had a bag of provisions in a hand and a bouquet of flower in the other, and as well of things as it had not been able to divide with that which it liked.


By the sad truth
Like a crystal
Like a jackal
By treason
By the resignation
By the lies
Chopped finely
By the injustice…
Like the bird
On the branch
And due
Placed with the four winds
With the narrow one
With the catches 
With my demons
In prey
With the doubt
Under the blow
Wrongly and rightly
Wrongly and through
I am lost sight of the fact
I lose feet, I drown
Vultures I am prey
Speaking in open heart
With the travellers offered
With high voice in the subway
I say all, I say too much of it
A bouquet of flower
In my trembling hand
I become dead of fear
Vacuum which haunts me
Crucifié of your indifferences
In deafening silence
I from there will live myself my dreams
All life that one removes me.

Kill, Mar 27, 2007 21:36: 39
Let us make a pact

Too much worried by my sentimental problems, inextricable jungle, I forgot the main thing of it… the defense of that which enables us to live…

Good now let us take again the wire of ground, of sea, the green wire, the ground green and the Ground-mother… 
To be at the good moment at the good place with the good people… to listen, learn, act… with good sense and in the right direction… 

Fortunately I discovered the site of the
Foundation Nicolas Hulot, it was time will say to me you,
I am a true tortoise, but as it is there only the wrong which kills, I advance slowly but surely. 

Pollution already made irremediable damage, it kills every day… the warming of planet and the climatic disordered state made, make and will still make thousands of dead… , let us not wait until it is our turn to react!!!!! Then at least let us support the action undertaken by Nicolas Hulot to put the policies at the foot of the wall, vis-a-vis their responsibility as for the safeguard for the environment and the biodiversity.

Conference with the Zenith of Paris to 14:00 of Nicolas Hulot (free, obligatory inscription) Gathering in Trocadéro in Paris with 17:00

Kill, 29 Aug 2006 00:57: 44
Love where are you?

I do not have any more an answer to this question, but there remains to me a friend who listens to me much.

Christina with the Palate of Tokyo
The friend (E) S are invaluable (its) but I do not sometimes happen at me to satisfy some…

Is not necessary to astonish you if I did not post months since…
when I am in emotional suffering, I am depressed, blocked and at certain times like handicapped…
the absence of a MUSE to which I could give tenderness and love passionately wounds me each day, each night,
as a knife in a wound that nobody wants to remove me.

I quote the intro of 4th of cover of “the Music of the Angels”

“Happy, we feel to push wings, light, inspired, we are guided towards best ourself;
as invited to join this angel which is of each one of us. It is necessary to hear it, learn how to listen to it, to listen to us.
But too often, we have the broken wings. Our pains, our fears, our lack of condiance in us, the other,
in the life the access to our own intuition prohibits, and stops our dashes. Our demons spoke, which are not other than
the wounded angels which we carry in us. They have badly and they hurt us. “

of: Catherine Bensaid
Editor (S): Robert Laffont
Go back to Publication: 02/10/2003

Editor (S): Pocket ---------------> 5euros89!!!!!!
Collection: N°12329 EVOLUTION
Go back to Publication: 01/09/2005

“By clarifying our shades, Catherine Bensaïd us perment of us to release some little by little
and to let burst the merry song which is in us. To face our demons to open to us with the word of the angel.
Its words touch us because they echo so that we live of more intimate, of more secret. “

Wed, Mar 22, 2006 21:08: 51
Environment and Democracy in danger

A proverb to keep the moral one:

Nature never loses its rights.

Natural logo France Environment

Press release. (extracted)
Wednesday March 22, 2006

Nuclear power: for the democracy, there is urgency!
These are thus two fundamental bills on the nuclear power which will be discussed and voted - in 3 months and at any speed - at the Parliament: the first, on the “transparency and nuclear safety” (TSN) must be voted, in emergency procedure, next on March 30, the second will be discussed dice on April 6 and will be voted before the summer.
According to Arnaud NATURAL Gossement of FRANCE ENVIRONMENT: “The two most important laws on the nuclear power are being elaborate on the run and in the general indifference. The public opinion must be finally informed that something of very serious is occurring for the democracy”.
The complete official statement and the actions which are carried out:

Monday March 20, 2006

Thu, 09 Feb 2006 23:43: 06
The hydre of the injustice

The sun lies down on a world of swords
The famished hydre the human ones leaves opaque darkness
Where be you precisely remunerated days
Any wages today resemble one swindles.

Contract For Slavery for the young people to break well
And two years it is nothing says the Master shareholder
it is the very whole life which I want free-lance
to press the human ones to capitalize.

And the revolt thunders thorough by the injustice
Suburbs without hope with paid the kleenex
When children survive on heaps of rubbish
When to be able and money are Masters in duplex.

The profiteurs decide life of death
Of their good hand of work they decide the fate
Blessed policies joined together in conclaves
The profit king is unaware of the sorrow of the slaves.

Sat, Jan 14, 2006 23:07: 04

Are the two great causes of my life the human rights (I make party of the League of the Human rights) and of course the defense of Nature (I perhaps will join Greenpeace?) and in particular of the forest!!!!!! And by vibrate with the listening of our Ground-Mother, one becomes a little Shaman… I studied the principal religions (I practised some of them etje still studies them) but the only practice which interests it to me is the shamanism.

Why time and the money make do if good household?
Me which likes neither time nor the money,
I am the sad victim of the one and other.
Sinister round thus stops a moment!
Not I do not want any more but you count my age!
Taken with your trap, I would be your hostage
currency of everywhere and nowhere…
With all those which you destroy,
Beings of the forests or those of the oceans
I want to make band with share,
wild man, to take again my dash,
to live with the shelter of the oak,
there to wait the night,
finally released of these chains
inhuman of gold and clock.
Flowers I will make your praise,
Thanks to you I became wise.

Sat, Jan 14, 2006 11:32: 38
My wishes for 2006

Better Wishes ....................

The heart of the winter
be confined a newborn
the anxious new year
projects of the perverts.

On one of the hemispheres
The life is in frosts
In the other with back
It is the heart of the summer.

Whether it is southern or northern,
at the anxious new year,
let us make shout extremely
Peace, Justice, Freedom!

The new year will be
what we will be
and it will bring
what we will give.

For memory:

It is not peace without justice
It is not justice without freedom
It is not freedom without peace

I request each one of us
and myself
of tending towards the awakening
with us even
with those and those
that our way of life
will meet in 2006.
We cannot only with us
to relieve the evils of the whole ground
but of those and those
that we cross in way
that, we can!!!!

Spirit of the forest in communion with the Great mind: -) 

Thu, Jan 5, 2006 14:54: 28
Cold coldnesses cold hard

It is days when the sky recovers of a white coat the lost illusions


Sky of this morning,
the sky blue is silver plated
restive sun to rise
the white frost very bleached
and my heart too

sky of this morning
hope is rich
light oratory
cold rays of the sun
and my heart too

O you whom I loved so much,
be you so cold of freezing
that you cannot speak about the sky
with the birds of the forests
and with the flowers of the meadows

I often re-examine you
painful obsessions
where we liked
White shades of my dreams of wandering
I speak to you as before the torments
and offers all my tears to you

Time freezes the beauty
and the words freeze
in immaculate whiteness
the alarm clock is unreal slowness
for deadened Nature

But as soon as it can it
the grass of the fields will reverdira
the flowers will open
the birds will sing
and my heart too.

My, Jan 2, 2006 23:18: 39
From where I come

Welcome with all those and all those which had the idea to be connected to my blog. I want it like a space of division of the experiments of the life, with the hope of a mutual enrichment.

I am a defender of Nature. It is our mother with all and we all are equal in front of it.

I will present my country of origin to you:

Country of my childhood

My country is quite pretty
With its green meadows,
Its imps, its elves, its goblins,
Its wood coppice and its forests
Who recover castles without age,
Game, birds and marshes.

It runs in the clearing
The proud source,
A fairy formerly had cried it,
An enchanter had comforted there…
And for any memory,
Water made still there grass make green.

It occurs in the forest
In a crown of rocks
The mysterious source.
Come to drink of its water
Who cures the evils!
Marvellous water…

In the tepidity of the night
My country fell asleep…
And thousand crickets sing
Of a carefree music
The softness of the life
With stars and the ants.

Here thus a track. With you to guess.

Cape in north
My second blog
Great Love
One night of memories
From one world to another
Words to say it
And the Verb was made Sandrine
To divide
Let us make a pact
Love where are you?
Environment and Democracy in danger
The hydre of the injustice
My wishes for 2006
Cold coldnesses cold hard
From where I come

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